The Library

I personally love buying books about food. It doesn’t matter if they are cookbooks, stories, or photo albums. I find them to be works of art and I can’t stop collecting them! That said, there are a lot of bad books about food out there.

To save you some trouble, I’ve curated a small library of tomes that are worth owning. Whether you want to learn about making charcuterie or How to Cook a Wolf - you will find the best of the best here.

The Hungry Dog’s library is organized into three sections:

  • Cookbooks - some of my favorites ranging from all-purpose to very specific on a certain type of regional cuisine. I own every one of these and recommend them to anyone.
  • Curing and Preserving - focused on making charcuterie, pickling, preserving and cheese making.
  • Food Writing - the best prose about food. Period. You can’t go wrong with any of these in your library.

Each section contains the titles I feel are essential for any home cook. I’m not saying you need to own them all, but if you are looking for inspiration or simply a getaway for your brain - these will do the trick.