Cured Meats and Curing Supplies

As a consumer of charcuterie and salumi, as well as a home producer of such; I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of options available in one, centralized location. Sure, there are some great online shops where you can cobble together your supplies. But it takes effort and, after all, who wants to buy things from 5 different places just to make some sausage?

To remedy this issue, I established The Hungry Dog’s online store which is your one-stop-shop for cured meats and curing supplies. Whether you are looking for the finest charcuterie money can buy, or simply want to buy curing salt and casings - we have it all right here for you.

I’ve selected an array of some of the finest charcuterie and salumi available in the States for your perusal. In addition, I’ve built a selection of everything you’ll need to cure meat, pickle fruits and vegetables, or even make your own cheese at home (except for milk!). Browse the store and feel secure in knowing that The Hungry Dog has you covered. And if you don’t see it here - send us an email and we’ll get your desired items online ASAP!