Cured Meats

Charcuterie and Salumi

There are few better things in the world of the carnivore than expertly cured meats. Which is why I’ve curated this selection that should satisfy your cravings!

In the US, it’s difficult to find many products imported from Europe due to customs laws and the FDA. That said, you can still find a decent selection of prosciutto from Parma and San Daniele in Italy as well as a couple of specialty items from Spain. There’s little to no cured product coming into the US from other countries around the globe.

Most charcuterie and salumi available in the US is produced right here at home. Fortunately, we have several terrific producers from coast to coast. Creminelli, Olli, Olympia Provisions, N’Duja Artisans and Fra’ Mani and Zoe’s Meats are all high quality artisanal producers with a wide-ranging line of products.

I've selected these cured meats for my loyal followers to munch on. These products are all terrific and represent a diverse spectrum of primarily Mediterranean curing methods. I’ve personally tried most of these and have found them to be quite satisfactory. They are sure to impress your friends and family whether you are having a large party or a sweet little charcuterie plate before dinner.