Cooking Gear

The Culinary Toolkit

OK I’ll say it - I have an addition to buying cool kitchen gadgets and appliances. And while I’m firmly against owning any ‘single function’ cooking tools (like mango slicers) - I have bought my fair share and have subsequently thrown them in the bin! I have also owned several kitchen items that simply don’t work well and so I’ve saved you the trouble of experiencing loss by not including them here!

I’ve developed a short-list of items that are essential for any home kitchen. They fall into the following three categories:

  • Apparel - my wife will thank me for recommending that you wear an apron while cooking - always. I’ve lost many a shirt to grease stains while learning this difficult lesson. I’ve also included some other essentials here for your kitchen wardrobe.
  • Appliances - it’s easy to go wild buying every shiny appliance you see. But save some time and money and stick to these. They are the best of the best and will last a very long time if well-cared for.
  • Tools - they may be small and un-exciting; but you will thank me later for recommending them. You need these in your life whether you are curing meat, brining turkey or basting BBQ sauce.