Curing Supplies

Dry Curing, Pickling and Preserving Supplies

If you're about to embark on the journey towards curing and preserving - you'll need to stock up on supplies. I’ve spent a good amount of time hopping from website to website and to many local stores to cobble together my curing kit at home. It has not only been time consuming but also a bit frustrating having to order from so many places.

Fret no more - The Hungry Dog’s store is now your one-stop-shop for all the curing supplies you need. Making sausage and need natural or synthetic casings? Check. Making cheese and need rennet and mold’s? Check. Harvesting your fall crop and need pickling supplies? We have you covered.

We’ve put together a selection of essentials for curing, pickling and making a wide variety of charcuterie at home. Now, you can save time and money by buying all your supplies online through our store. You’ll be happy that you did and thanking us later for doing all the legwork!

And if you’re looking for a specialty item that we don’t have, just send us an email and we’ll locate it and put it online ASAP. Or - we will give you a recommendation on where to find it!